Holistic Wellness Instructors

At RTS we believe there can be a variety of pathways to healing. Join us for a relaxing and holistic experience! All are welcome, you do not have to already be a client to take part in these sessions! If you are a current client this can be an added enhancement to what you are already doing here at Renew!

Saydi Miller, BSW, RYT200

I am currently a Master of Social Work (MSW) student at the University of Michigan School of Social Work and received my RYT200 in spring of 2020. 

Utilizing a holistic approach to comprehensively understand the entire person, their experiences, and aspirations provides an empowering foundation to further curate tailored healing for each body, mind and soul. I am an advocate for restoring independently within the body, and amongst a community of others, sharing communal spaces and breath. Incorporating breath (prana) and movement (asana) cultivates a powerful opportunity to reacquaint one to their entire being, reconnect to the self, and invite new beginnings.

I have accompanied a variety of populations with yoga for healing, including survivors of domestic partner violence, sexual assault, young children, and folks in recovery struggling with substance use disorder (SUD). Currently working alongside individuals and families experiencing grief and loss, I intentionally incorporate yoga and breathwork to assist one remain within the present moment and settle into unfamiliar emotions. 

Chelsea Tiderington, BSW, RYT200, Y4T, Reiki Level 2

As a leader in movement I believe in healing your whole self through the self. I am committed to creating a safe sanctuary that promotes healing and cultivates self-awareness from within.  Through mindfulness, movement and alternative holistic approaches we can journey inward to reveal the courage, compassion, bravery and power that already exists within. 

I hold certifications as a RYT200 yoga instructor, yoga for trauma, and Reiki level 2. I have been working with individuals with complex trauma for a decade as a social worker and as a trauma sensitive yoga instructor.

I offer an array of approaches including guided meditation, breathwork, acupressure, and beyond. 

Melissa Dawn, Recovery/Transformation Coach, Reiki Level 1

As a person in long-term recovery and a Transformation Coach, I lead clients through the process of undergoing significant and profound changes in their lives related to health, mindset, behaviors and emotional wellbeing. I work with individuals to help them identify and clarify their goals, overcome limiting beliefs and self-sabotage, and develop a manageable strategy for achieving their desired outcome. This is done using a combination of habit change coaching methods, belief and identity change, and most importantly, self-love and empowerment techniques.

In studying for my health and life coaching certification and combining that with what I have learned in my personal experience as a healing human, I have found some of the most powerful modalities that lead to transformation are shadow work, inner child healing, identifying our habits and why we have them, and getting very clear on what life experience we want to be having while taking the steps to get there.

It is my belief the key to living a balanced and fulfilling life is to address both health and life aspects. You can expect that by working with me, you will be seen and heard fully and without judgement, and I will help you to breathe life into the vision you have for yourself. My love language is helping you realize your power.